The Forbidden Fruit

We’re known for our apples here in Washington and October is smack in the middle of harvest season. This is the time of year when the weather cools and Washingtonians begin craving fresh pressed cider, apple pies and cobblers. Apples show up in just about every dish you can imagine. So how can I do a seasonal cocktail and not focus on THE flavor of fall in Washington.

One of my favorite ways to incorporate apples into drinks this year has been using an apple cider reduction. The cider I used was made from Jonagolds picked in our chefs garden. The Jonagold has a great golden sweet flavor with a slight acidity and once the cider is reduced into a syrup that acid really pops, perfect for cocktails.

Making the reduction is simple. All you need is heavy bottomed sauce pan, a half-gallon of the apple cider of your choosing, and lots of time. Simply bring the cider to a simmer on your stove top and let it sit uncovered, on the lowest setting until the volume of the liquid is reduced by half. The slower you reduce the liquid the more true the apple flavor will be. If you want to add a little caramelization to the final product then crank up the heat a little, I actually find this to work great with rye whisky.

The Avalon
1.5oz Rittenhouse Rye
0.5oz Fresh squeezed OJ
0.5oz Fresh lemon juice
0.5oz Apple cider reduction
dash Amrgo Chuncho bitters
shake with ice
double strain into a cocktail glass
shave fresh cinnamon over the top

Apple Buck
1.5oz Boulard Calvados
0.5oz Apple cider reduction
0.5oz Fresh lime juice
shake with ice
strain into an ice filled Collins glass
top with Reed’s ginger beer
garnish with a thin slice of apple

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