About the Author

John Ueding has a deep personal interest in the world of spirits and craft bartending. He has studied the works of our bartending forefathers such as Harry Craddock and Jerry Thomas. He also looks up to the modern day masters like Dale DeGroff, Eben Freeman, Kazuo Uyeda and David Wondrich. John spends his days away from the bar rigorously attending spirits tastings and dialing in new and old cocktail recipes.

John works as a consultant for restaurants that want a top-notch cocktail program. He has revamped  liquor selections to include world renowned and top quality spirits and  built cocktail menus to showcase true classics and unique classically inspired originals. His enthusiasm about his work is evident as he teaches bar staff to unlearn poor and sloppy technique and learn why proper method and care is important in creating a great cocktail.

John dreams of one day building his own beverage program from drawing board to operation and possibly venturing into craft distilling. Please click on his picture for links to further information about John.


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